Apartment Features

In-Apartment Laundry

Each apartment comes with laundry hookups for a clothes washer and dryer. There’s no need to pay with coins or tokens or waste time driving to a nearby public laundromat where your clothes may even get stolen.

In-Apartment Circuit Breaker Panel

Each apartment comes with its own circuit breaker panel located within the apartment itself, not in the garage or on an exterior wall. If you trip a breaker due to an accidental circuit overload, just flick it back on without having to go outside or walk very far.

Central Heating and Cooling (A/C)

When air conditioning an entire apartment, central heating and cooling is more efficient than using many standalone heaters and coolers. It also saves space.

Ceilings Fans

Air conditioners can be expensive to operate and sunny Stockton can be a little too sunny in the summer. Running a fan takes a lot less electricity than running an air conditioner. Ceiling fans average about 15-90 watts of energy used. The best ceiling fans use only a fraction of the energy consumed by an air-conditioner.

Attached Garage

Each apartment comes with its own garage, unlike other apartments where you might get a carport which may even be detached and located far away. Park your car in your garage or use it for storage. Don’t waste money storing your stuff in a separate storage rental facility.

Covered Patio

Need some fresh air but it’s too hot or raining outside? No worries. Each apartment comes with a covered patio.

Private Yard

Each apartment includes a private, 225-square-foot fenced-off concrete yard. For apartments on the first floor, the yard is attached to the unit beside the patio. For the 2nd floor apartment, the yard is at the back of the property. This space can be used for exercise, placing a shed to store items you don’t want to get wet, placing some planter boxes to grow your own plants, or whatever else people use yards for.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Each apartment includes a kitchen that has granite or quartz countertops. Unlike other apartments that include tile countertops with often dirty grout lines or laminate countertops where the laminate is chipped or peeling off, granite countertops are very hard, durable, and easy to clean.

Nearby Mailbox

Each apartment’s mailbox is conveniently located in front of the building by the driveway.

Cul-de-sac Behind a Park

Cypress Creek Apartments is located in a cul-de-sac which means there’s no through traffic in a residential neighborhood. As such, there is less likely to be speeding cars or noisy traffic. Furthermore, Cypress Creek Apartments is located beside Sandman Park which means there’s one less neighbor to the property.

Online Renter Portal

Cypress Creek Apartments uses TenantCloud to manage various aspects of your rental. You can do many things including

  • View your rental agreement online
  • View your payment history and balance due
  • Get notifications and reminders
  • Submit service requests
  • and more

Built-in Shelving in Garage

Garages don’t usually come with shelving so people tend to pile things up on top of each other making it difficult to find and get stuff. That’s why we installed custom-built shelving in each garage. You can store items on the floor all the way up to the ceiling with ease.

LED Lights Throughout

LED lights are the most energy-efficient lights available. That’s why we’ve installed LED lights throughout each apartment which saves you money on your electricity. Also, LED lights last practically forever (~20 years).

Steel Security Doors

In addition to regular entrance doors, each apartment comes with a steel security door for added safety.


Xfinity cable internet verified to work in each apartment. No need to dig and run new cables.

Shared High-Speed Internet

Save money by using the shared 1 Gbps xfinity high-speed internet. Each apartment comes with a dedicated wifi hotspot connected to the main router via a wired backhaul. Please note that this is a complimentary service and does not come with technical support. Though internet connectivity is high and speeds are good, they are not guaranteed. If you require a higher level of internet service, you may purchase your own internet service.


Many apartments don’t include a microwave leaving you to buy your own and place it on the countertop reducing your cooking area. At Cypress Creek Apartments, we include a microwave in a dedicated microwave spot among the kitchen cabinets.

1/4-Turn Water Valves

Unlike many apartments which may not offer an outdoor hose bibb, e.g. for washing your car, Cypress Creek Apartments offers 3 exterior hose bibbs (one at the back, one on the side, and one at the front by the driveway) you can connect a water hose to. In addition, each hose bibb has been upgraded from the archaic multi-turn ones to the quarter-turn ones. Just turn the knob 90 degrees from closed to fully open.

Dusk-to-Dawn Driveway Lighting

If you come home or leave at night, it can be annoying to go in and out of your vehicle in the dark. For that reason, two 1500-lumen, 16-watt, energy-efficient LED floodlights have been installed facing the driveway. They are 3000K soft white lights that are easy on the eyes.

Garbage, Recycle, and Green Waste Pickup

Each apartment comes with containers for different types of waste.

GarbageContainer with gray lid
RecycleContainer with yellow lid
OrganicsContainer with green lid

For your convenience, a color-coded guide explaining the different types of waste is located on the exterior wall by the containers.

Pickup Schedule
Garbage, recycle, and green waste pickupEvery Monday
Street cleaningEvery other Tuesday, e.g. July 13 and 27, 2021
Leaf pickupEvery other Tuesday, e.g. July 6 and 20, 2021
Bulk pickupOnce per year by appointment

Parked vehicles and garbage, recycle, and organics carts must not be on the street in order to get street cleaning.

Disclaimer: Photos are for informational purposes only. Not all photos are of actual facilities or items they show.